Tara’s Art

Hi Art Friends. I love mixing and blending color and love to draw as well. My art is very strange and would most likely be in the “Abstract Surrealism” category. I try to keep at least one art project going all of the time, it brings me happiness to see the the final outcome of each piece. There are times I mix many mediums to reach the effect I’m looking for, and there are times I may use only ink, or acrylic . I have done a few oil paintings but prefer the freedom and edgy feel I pull from mixing and experimenting all mediums. I seal my art according to the process and use only top quality products to preserve it beautifully.

Leave it under the bed? Or share it

I’m finally truly sharing my art with the world. In June of 2019 I decided to start an Instagram account to show the world, or just “anyone”. I’d been told to do so for years from friends, family and many people I didn’t know that saw me working. I started dragging the art out from under beds, closets and boxes. I was determined to photograph them all and get them out to the people. I don’t have a lot to offer the world, but I do have this. A gift I was given, one from God I believe, and it’s on my heart to share it. I’ve been gifted so much from the art world, and it has been a beautiful journey so far as I enjoy viewing art as well as creating it. Raw human beauty. I still have a very long road ahead if I want to truly show my art, so with faith from my mother and determination from my father I will move forward with blessings to show my own son dreams really can come true. Tara

My Goals

My goals have been to create often, it’s important for an artist to have a workspace. I recently built an art cabin and will be doing more work there instead of having the mess all over my house. I juggle a regular job so every minute I utilize. Time management and organization will help me to keep a clear train of thought and remain focused on my goals. My only true goal is is show the world my art, and If I make some money along the way that’s wonderful. My art is strange- full of emotion. I grab the emotion from the eyes and work it into the art. I love color- my goal is color. Painting sunsets warms my heart. I challenge myself in mixed mediums a lot. I will never be bored with my art supplies in reach. They say do what you love… Well I love to dance and I really love to create art. Set goals and keep them. Self discipline books are useful if you need strength in these areas. Big Love, Tara

Still learning

It’s going to take a while to accomplish certain things, next I will be setting up a site to show my art and possibly sell prints and|or originals. We all must set goals but also be realistic in our self expectations. Self care and love must come first. Top priorities must remain top so our life stays in balance. Taking steps and making lists help to reduce stress. We all know artists are sensitive so listen to yourself and cut yourself some slack, because we can do this, I can and will! Allow yourself to learn at your pace so that it doesn’t interfere with your creativity. It took me years to get to this very step. Rome was not built in one day💋

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